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Standard Roof Rails

The Steel Canopy comes with standard roof rails which are rated to take a dynamic load of 100kg. As the canopy’s roof has been tested to 400kg*, there is no need for any internal racking systems.

*Note it is not legal to carry more weight than the rating of your roof racks.

It’s very easy to set up the Steel Canopy with the SXB & the CXB range of products from Rhino Rack. Your local Rhino Rack retailer can set your Steel Canopy with this system. This set up is great for carrying bicycles, lightweight kayaks, skis, surfboards, ladders, roof top tents and boat loaders etc.

Fitting A Track System

If you need to carry loads that require a larger weight distribution, such as a roof top tent, you can option up to our Track System. Having the track system installed allows the weight of the item being carried to be distributed evenly over the canopy’s roof. The Track System by Rhino Rack can be optioned up to include Rhino Rack’s range of compatible accessories.

The track system set up will allow your canopy to take a larger load over a greater weight distribution. The racks on the canopy will be positioned further apart than the standard roof rail option allowing you to carry larger items such as roof top tents, large kayaks & building products such as timber etc.

The tracks are secured to the canopy using pop-rivets and run down almost the full length of the canopy. This allows you to position the racks exactly where you need them to sit on the canopy to suit what you are carrying. You can fit different types of racks from Rhino Rack’s range to suit your requirements and style.

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