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Goal Zero are the largest supplier of portable solar power and off grid solar power products worldwide. Goal Zero specialise in portable solar kits, portable solar panels, solar batteries and chargers, solar generators, solar lighting and solar accessories.

Goal Zero offer aluminium-frame, flexible and folding solar panels, all of which feature mono-crystalline technology and market-leading efficiency rates. Their portable solar products are simple to use and connect, just plug-and-play, and are designed to withstand the rigours of our customers’ outdoor lifestyle.

Goal Zero can offer a solar charger for any occasion or power requirement, whether it a solar phone charger, USB solar charger, solar car battery charger, all the way up to a solar generator. Our products are also designed to be modular, meaning you can mix-and-match our portable solar panels and portable solar chargers to develop customised power solutions. You can also chain any of our portable solar panels and solar chargers to grow and develop your energy hub.

If the Goal Zero product you are seeking is not listed, please contact us!

Solar Generators

  • Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

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